Which Flavor of STA-BIL Should You Choose? Keep our Fuel Additive Guide handy next time you're looking to protect your fuel system from ethanol or to keep fuel fresh!

*Corrosion Control test is an accelerated corrosion test based on a modification of the NACE TM 0172 test protocol, replacing distilled water with synthetic sea water per ASTM D665 Part B. Synthetic sea water is more likely to cause corrosion than distilled water. Untreated carbon steel rods depicted placed in a base fuel blend of E10 gasoline and synthetic sea water for 4 hours. Grades “A” & “B” are passing grades, “C” and below fail the standard. Testing and grading performed by independent testing lab. Baseline test fuel contains no corrosion-inhibiting agents or other additives and may vary in composition from E10 fuel purchased at the pump.

Test Data from November 21st, 2016

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